Anagram Amélie / Anagram Amelie / Anagura Amelie / Anagura Ameri / アナグラアメリ
Rank: 638th, it has 1697 monthly / 4603 total views.
Authors: Sato zakuri
Genres: Manga / Shoujo / Drama / Romance / School life
Status: Ongoing
Amelie and her friends are considered the Phantom Three - the group of outsiders in school who devote themselves to their hobbies - and that suits her just fine. As for Amelie herself, she finds love a nuisance that she wants nothing to do with and would much rather continue her lifestyle watching movies all day like a hibernating bear. However, when she ends up in the same class as the school's hottest guy, who also happens to be her childhood friend, things might not go her way anymore...

Chapters (32)

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